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Amanda brings a special wisdom and experience to her clients that guides them to find their own inner strength and healing. I love how she uses her connection to nature to facilitate a client’s understanding of their own connection to the earth and nature. Amanda is a wonderfully compassionate therapist."


Alison Crair, After Care Specialist, Bayside Marin





Amanda and Devona are excellent facilitators– they thread a deep love and respect for the natural world through every aspect of their urban ecotherapy workshop. The workshop helped me access the relationship between the power of nature and my own creative process.  I felt renewed by my solo time in the urban park, then supported and empowered in the community council circle. Most importantly, Amanda and Devona led the workshop with an intuition and grace reflective of the harmony of the natural world.


NM, Urban Ecotherapy Workshop Participant



Amanda’s exquisite attunement to people and her compassion for their experience allows her to be a very effective therapist. She works deeply with client’s process in individual and group therapy.”
Mary Jo Ahlborn, MFT, Director of Bayside Marin Family Program


Amanda brings both a bright awareness and a deep caring to her work as a therapist. I consistently admire how she uses her intellect to discern, contemplate and understand the unique dynamics of each individual, as well as how she brings her heart, intuition and capacity for connection to each relationship. I believe Amanda's diverse background and expertise in Ecopsychology, somatic practices, addiction recovery, and social issues generate a wealth of experience that enables her to be effective with a broad population of people. I highly recommend her to anyone. 



 Jessica Wolk-Benson, MFT





Amanda brings a unique sense of compassion and understanding to her work. She's an intuitive and confident therapist who meets you where you are and provides a safe environment for deep and thoughtful work. In the wide world of therapists, Amanda is a truly a gem.


Mary Beth Trail, MFT





I loved this workshop because I realized the peace that nature brings is much closer than I thought – even in the city.  I loved learning more about the gifts of the medicine wheel and seeing myself in each of the 4 directions.  I was very moved being witnessed by Devona and Amanda after telling the story of my solo time in nature.  I was amazed by how deep we could go in a daylong workshop. I felt relaxed, present, and connected.”


CM, Urban Ecotherapy Workshop







Amanda’s Ecopsychology class offered me an opportunity to reach a depth of communion with the land and its inhabitants that I had not previously encountered. I rediscovered my soul's profound connection to the larger web of life to which my eyes had long been myopically shortsighted, and to which my ears had long fallen deaf.  


 SH, Ecopsychology Student

I have collaborated with Amanda Morrison around both individual clients, and as a shared group facilitator. I find her intuition is beautifully held in a clinically skilled container. She dances between hunches and knowledge in a way that inspires her clients to look inside but also trust her as a witness and guide. I do and will continue to recommend her explicitly to clients and colleagues alike.


Lindsay Olshan, MFT-ATR

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