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Low-Fee and Sliding Scale Counseling Centers in the Bay Area


Holos Institute: This low-fee therapy center has experienced interns who are oriented toward ecopsychology. They have offices in both San Francisco and Oakland.  


Center for Somatic Psychotherapy: Low-fee counseling center staffed by somatics students from The California Institute of Integral Studies.


Integral Counseling Center: Low-fee counseling center staffed by CIIS students in the Integral Counseling Program.


Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Resources


Ecology of Awakening: “Ecology of Awakening is designed to support a shift in consciousness: out of a sense of being a separate self, living on the Earth which is solely here as our resource, into a lived experience of being an inherent part of the 14 billion year unfolding that brought us forth.”


Animas Valley Institute: Animas Valley Institute, founded by Bill Plotkin in 1980 — offers multi-day immersions into the wilds of nature and psyche for the purpose of retrieving the unique, mysterious identity hidden in the soul-waters of each life. Animas originated and continues to evolve a contemporary Western, nature-based approach to the journey of soul initiation  to our knowledge, the first of its kind.


EarthwaysEarthways is committed to restoring relationship with the natural world by bringing people out into direct connection with the profound guidance of the wild earth.  


Wilderness Reflections: Through direct, embodied, meaningful contact with wild nature, our rites of passage, education and training programs foster personal and professional transformation for teens, adults, professionals and organizations.”


School of Lost Borders: The School of Lost Borders offers vision fasts and rites of passage training which cultivate self-trust, responsibility, and understanding about ones' unique place within society and the natural world. Its programs provide guided opportunities, perspectives, teachings, and much needed self-reflection time in a non-judgmental yet challenging environment.



Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Resources


Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind Roszak, Kanner, and Gomes.


Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind  Chalquist and Buzzell.


Last Child in the Woods Richard Louve.


The Nature Principle Richard Louve.


Ecopsychology: Science, Totems, and Technological Species Kahn and Hasbach.


Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche Bill Plotkin


Nature and the Human Soul Bill Plotkin.





Wired for Love Stan Tatkin.


Hold Me Tight Sue Johnson


A General Theory of Love Lewis, Aminin, and Lannon.


Passionate Marriage David Schnarch


How to be an Adult in Relationship David Richo




The Body Keeps the Score Bessel van der Kolk


8 Keys to Trauma Recovery Babette Rothschild


Waking the Tiger Peter Levine




The Gifts of Imperfection Brene Brown


Healing the Shame that Binds Us John Bradshaw


Self-Compassion  Kristin Neff


Mindfulness and Neuroscience


Hardwiring Happiness Rick Hanson 


Mindsight  Dan Siegel


Radical Acceptance Tara Brach


Power of Now  Ekhart Tolle


When Things Fall Apart  Pema Chodron


Full Catastrophe Living John Kabbat- Zinn


Addiction and Recovery


In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts Gabor Mate.


The Heart of Addiction  Lance Dodes, M.D.


A Place Called Self Stephanie Brown


Staying Sober Terrance Gorski


Clean David Sheff




Healing Through the Dark Emotions Miriam Greenspan


The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook 


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook



Food and Eating Disorders


Father Hunger Margo Maine


Mindful Eating Jan Chozen Bay


Women, Food, and God Geneen Roth




The Artist’s Way Julia Cameron


Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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