Recovery Counseling 

“All addictions are an attempt to soothe pain.”

– Gabor Mate


 I BELIEVE THAT ADDICTION BEGINS WITH AN ATTEMPT TO SOOTHE OR ESCAPE WHAT SEEMS INTOLERABLe. This natural impulse to soothe and relieve becomes dysfunctional when chemicals and behaviors are used repeatedly and the capacity to feel the fullness of emotions is diminished. This addictive pattern leads to more pain and suffering, the inability to break out of a vicious cycle and eventually, the need to heal, recover, and become whole again. 


I specialize in working with you through the addiction recovery process. I help you learn how to deal with difficult emotions, challenging relationships, and upsetting situations without using drugs or alcohol. During my years of working with people in recovery and rehabilitation, I have learned  that compassion is a key ingredient in the recovery process. In the words of A.H. Almaas, “It is only when compassion is present that people allow themselves to see the truth.” I offer my genuine compassion and understanding as I work with you to uncover the truth about what underlies your addiction, and to help you find healthier ways of coping with life.


Recovery is most successful when approached holistically, and comprehensively. Depending on your individual needs, I will encourage you to engage a variety of approaches to recovery. These could include 12-Step Programs, Buddhist Recovery, SMART Recovery, and Life Ring.  I will also encourage you to commit to taking care of your body, mind, and spirit through daily practices of healthy living. These include a healthy diet, regular exercise, meditation, and other mindfulness practices.  


Please call or email me for a free 20 minute consultation to explore whether we may be a good fit. 

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